Ripley School of the Bible









Do you have a desire to grow in your knowledge of the Word of God? If so, Ripley School of the Bible was designed to help you. Ripley School of the Bible is a ministry of the Ripley Baptist Temple and is in affiliation with Crown College of Powell, TN. This program is designed to offer practical Bible teaching that will deepen your knowledge of God’s Word and strengthen your Christian service. It is a four-semester, twelve-course program held on Monday nights at the Ripley Baptist Temple facilities. Each semester offers three courses and lasts twelve weeks. Students who complete all twelve courses may participate in the Crown College commencement exercises in Powell, TN and will be awarded a Biblical Studies certificate.

The courses taught over four semesters are as follows:

  •  Old Testament Survey I & II 
  • New Testament Survey I & II
  • Bible Doctrines I & II
  • Personal Evangelism
  • The Life of Christ
  • Methods of Bible Study
  • Teaching the Bible
  • Bible Answers for Problem Issues
  • The Christian Home

Because this is a church ministry, it is designed to be very affordable. The tuition for each semester is only $30 per student or $45 for a married couple. For more detailed information, please call Ripley Baptist Temple at (304) 372-3413 and ask about Ripley School of the Bible.